July 22, 2017

Confessions of a Self-Help Writer by Benjamin Dehaven GUEST POST AND GIVEAWAYS

We are hosting Benjamin Dehaven on his virtual blog tour organized by Goddess Fish Touring Company. Benjamin will also be giving away a $50 gift card in a random drawing. So, visit as many tour stops as you can, register to win and comment! See the banner below for tour stops and the rafflecopter.

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Genre: Literary Fiction

Confessions of a Self-Help Writer

A ghost, a philanthropist, a con man, a devout Catholic, a gigolo, a savior, an heir, a common man, and an addict are just some of the words used to describe Michael Enzo, who some sources credit with ghost-writing more than 108 self-help books on behalf of celebrities, politicians and business leaders. After failing to make what he considered to be a positive impact on society he began to destroy those closest to him including Benjamin DeHaven, the author of this book, and former collaborator. Defrauding an industry for almost 20 years by exploiting people’s insecurities and profiting from them, more than likely these friends contributed more to the field of self-help, while profiting from it, than they will ever know.

Believing they could only understand people’s problems by suffering along with them, they lived on the razor’s edge. If you’ve ever picked up a tell-all biography of a celebrity or a title from the self-help section at the bookstore, certainly you would question the source.This is an inside look at the mind of Michael Enzo and it is the author’s hope that people will start helping themselves again after reading it. Discover what turns someone from preaching salvation towards seeking its destruction. You won’t believe this could be true.


  Guest Post by Benjamin Dehaven:

Writing is life in many cases for me. Without the escape of a good story, balance in everyday life would be almost impossible, or there would be a very rich psychiatrist from listening to what bursts from my head. Sometimes it seems difficult to find time, or get in the mood to write. Sometimes I will go weeks without writing something, and then disappear for a month, only to return in a better mood. So I might venture to say I am terrible at balancing the two-I am an all or nothing kind of person. When I was engaged I did most of my writing in the middle of the night or early mornings but now that I am single and time seems limitless, I am completely out of balance.

All about Benjamin DeHaven

Benjamin W. DeHaven was born on a pool table after a Waylon Jennings’ concert in 1977. His personal success is outweighed only by his stunning good looks and adherence to unwritten moral guidelines. He has been described as a thinking man’s Tucker Max as well as an idiot’s Hunter S. Thompson. His goal is to die from an unwavering commitment to be more like He and Michael Enzo were friends.

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Benjamin will be awarding a $50 Amazon/B&N gift card to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.  He will also be giving away 5 signed hard copies of the book. Don’t miss out! Visit Benjamin on as many stops as you can and comment on the posts. You may be the winner!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Joan Curtis says:

    Benjamin, Welcome! Looking forward to hosting you today. How has your tour been so far?

  2. Thanks for hosting!

  3. I enjoyed the post, thank you.

  4. Sue VanNort says:

    Sounds very interesting! Must check into this book.

  5. The blurb grabs you!

  6. Isabelle O'Neal says:

    I enjoyed reading about the book and will definitely look into getting a sample. Thank you for the post.

  7. Joan,

    Thanks so much for hosting today! I am very sorry for the slow check in. Occasionally, I still think I am 22 and pay dearly for it the next day! The tour so far as been amazing! I have never been an enormous fan of self-promotion, but usually we have to think as writers-who else is going to do it? In this case I have been blessed to not only have some great support from other writers like yourself, but also to discover new blogs and meet some new people! I am excited to give some one some gift cards and to continue the tour–but even more I can’t wait to circle back and spend some time on the blogs I have gotten to discover through this process.

    • Joan Curtis says:

      Hi Ben, I’m looking forward to reading your book. I ordered it today. Sounds intriguing. I’m doing a tour with Goddess in November and it will be my first. So I was interested to see how yours was going. This was my first time hosting. I have a problem with spam on my blog so I must monitor the posts. That made it a bit difficult today, but it looks as if you had a nice turnout. Your post will be first on my page till Wednesday.

      I’d love to hear from you on my blog after you finish this adventure. Good luck!

  8. Interesting post

  9. Hi Ben! How are you doing this lovely tuesday am??

  10. Mary Preston says:

    An interesting guest post.


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